Pakistan based Documentary Photographer and Filmmaker Eduardo Diaz

Independent Documentary Photographer & Filmmaker




Eduardo Diaz (b. 1985) is an independent documentary photographer and filmmaker.

Diaz’s work focuses on important, under-reported and subversive character-driven stories. Visually representing them with a quiet observational style and a crafted technique, he is known for a sensitive approach to his subjects. With a heartfelt passion and a strong personal engagement, he believes the storytelling process is a tool that can effectively contribute to raising values of respect and tolerance towards other communities. Moving away from editorial confines and aiming to highlight important personal work, Diaz explores new ways to tell stories, always keeping a strong commitment towards his subjects.

As a Pakistan based photographer working throughout the country, Diaz has developed skills and knowledge to understand a deeply intricate society where important stories remain untold, often overwhelmed by current affairs. While focusing in this region of central Asia, he is working in a self-motivated long-term body of work.










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